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I have been waiting on my Tagrisso since Dec.20, 2019. Have called multiple days and told something different every time!

Despite telling call center folks at AZandMe several times that I was going to be out of my medication and being assured it was being processed, I ran out of my medication for 3 days. If it hadnt have been for my oncologist office getting me a 5 day sample pack Id be out still. Now, I have had to cut back to one a day instead of two in hopes I will get my Tagrisso before I run out again! In 44 years of being an RN, I have never seen such poor patient care and utter disregard for human life!

Its clear that the people answering the phones are non-medical and lack customer service skills. Since being off the Med for three days, Ive had recurrent headaches and have not felt well so I pray Im not relapsing! Also, despite asking for other methods to reach AZandMe, I was told that there is no other way to contact them and that they are way behind in filling orders with back-ups to Nov. 2019!

This is totally ridiculous and shows their incompetence as the hold up may have disastrous consequences for those whose lives depend on their medication!

While I appreciate being accepted into the program again, I cant help but compare service I received the first time around (stellar) with this miserable mess! I just wanted to make sure AZ is aware of this dreadful mishandling of their patient assistance program!

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I'm going through the same with getting refill for my mom, now at most critical point in her recovery and has been out of meds for 15 days, no samples offered or not available. Something has changed they were more responsive before, never had to wait more than a day for order to be filled.

There has to be something we can do? Never been more frustrated in my life.

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